Located on Koh Tan Island

What about ABDM ?


Discover Our Place

Our Beach Bar & Restaurant, known as ABDM (Au Bout du Monde), will captivate you with its extraordinary vistas, offering you a comfortable spot to savor our exclusively homemade cocktails (mixology enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat!), mocktails, wine, beer, soft drinks, and more. At ABDM, you won’t find plastic water bottles; we serve mineral water in glass bottles. Our refined cuisine includes a 5-course menu (appetizer, starter, fish dish, meat dish, dessert) that promises to delight your taste buds. We also have a kid-friendly menu for children up to 12 years old.

Additional amenities:
Restrooms and showers are available for your convenience, perfect for rinsing off after an ocean swim, Beach towels are provided in the beach area, Khun Tan Little Shop offers clothing, accessories, and bags – a delightful shopping experience at the End of the World.

Ecological commintment

The ocean currents unfortunately bring a lot of waste… ABDM is committed to fighting against the waste polluting our beaches and sea beds. For ABDM, the best waste is the one that is not produced!

Some initial actions on our eco-responsible commitments include:

  • Zero plastic water bottles. Mineral water is served in glass or glass bottles.
  • Reusable and bamboo straws.
  • Waste sorting is meticulously carried out using deposit systems and recycling.
  • ABDM promotes short supply chains for its sourcing.
  • Waste is minimized, purchases are made in appropriate quantities, portion sizes are adapted, and ingredients are used in their entirety.
  • 97% of the energy used is solar.
  • Regular waste collection actions.